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For years Store Support has been the largest research firm in the Netherlands that generates insights into customers' experiences with mystery shopping and customer surveys. It has enabled us to gain experience of customer experiences in every branch and every sector. Obviously there are sectors where our team has become specialised over the years, such as automotive, retail, insurance and travel. We track customer experience in these four sectors extremely closely with our own clients and our own researches.

Our specialties


When you think about pushy and intrusive sales people, the car sector is likely to spring to mind. Even though this stereotype is no longer based on reality, there is still a lot to be achieved in terms of client experience. It is our experience that considering the human being behind the client is even more important for this sector. Interest in somebody's…

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In general retail is blessed with positive client experiences. However, this does not apply to all sectors and there is always room for improvement if you aim to create optimum client experiences. Shops can often develop in their personal approach to clients; it demonstrates expertise and specialisation. Offering added value is the only way to generate…

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Insurers often compete on price, but can make a real difference with their levels of service. A service-led approach has a significant impact, particularly at the time your insured need their insurance or want to change their details. A positive experience of your service means you retain your existing clients, but it also generates new clients by means…

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Travel sector

What do travellers really want? Adventure and surprise or comfort and relaxation? The lowest price or the best advice? In our structural NPS surveys we have seen for years how important it is that organisations in the travel sector listen to the clients' needs. Once the trip has been booked, the customer journey continues! Our team has ample experience…

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